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SAVE Up to 41% Off a Wide Range of Ticket Games!

Choose from a broad selection of Seal Card Pull Tabs, Jar Tickets, Pull Tabs, and Punch Boards at super-low prices! Our Sale Tickets are available with various graphics and ticket counts. We offer sale games such as Little Bills Baby (Seal Cards), One Eye (Jar Tickets), Super Joe (Jar Tickets), Burrito Bandito (Jar Tickets) and more.

Supplies are limited for most Pull Tabs, Seal Card Tickets, and Jar Ticket Games, so get your discount tickets while supplies last. All Pull-Tabs.com sale items are in stock for fast shipment – orders ship within two business days of when you order.

Please visit the pages below to view our sale products for a particular Pull-tabs.com category:

Burrito Banditos Jar Tickets

Jar Tickets on Sale

Road Kings Five-Window Seal Cards

Pull Tabs on Sale

Road Kings Five-Window Seal Cards

Seal Card Pull Tabs on Sale

Fireman's Blazing Action Punch Boards
Punch Boards on Sale


Looking for additional Seal Card Pull Tabs? Please feel free to view our wide selection of Seal Card Pull Tabs!


For more information or to order, please call 1-800-233-0828.

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