We carry many coin boards, including NFL, MLB, cash prize boards, and many more.

What are Coin Boards and Who Uses Them?

Coin boards are games of chance used for profit making or fund raising. Coinboards are generally played with color-coded numbered pull tabs or tickets. The color-coded numbered tickets correspond to color-coded numbers on the coin board.

Here's how a typical game works: If a player has a blue number on a ticket that matches a blue number on the coin board, then the player wins. The winner gets the coin, the prize value listed under the coin, and instant cash. If a player has a matching red numeral, they can sign up on the board for a second chance to win the seal prize (the seal prize is the prize under the seal on the coin board - some games have multiple seals for multiple winners). The seal prize winner is not revealed until the last ticket has been bought. The sign-up sheet ensures that all your tickets will be sold. The seal prize(s) can be cash or merchandise.

American Legions, VFWs, Bingo Halls, Churches, Schools, Bars, Casinos, and many other Organizations use coin boards to raise funds or to make more money.

How to Make Hundreds of Dollars in Profit with One Coin Board Game

It is easy to make profits or raise funds with coin boards. Each coin board will arrive with a set of pulltabs, as a complete money-making game. With our coin boards, you will make hundreds of dollars per game, depending on the coin board you choose. Your players can win up to hundreds of dollars instantly, so they have a great incentive to buy your coin board tickets!

When you start a game, you display your coin board and sell the pull tab tickets to players. You generally charge a dollar per ticket, depending on the coin board game you choose. Players then open the ticket windows to see their color-coded number. Players can win instantly or get a chance to sign-up for a shot at the seal prize.

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