NEW! Queen of Hearts Prize Boards

Queen of hearts boards

Queen of hearts boards

Many organizations conduct Queen of Hearts Games using an actual deck of playing cards with the cards displayed in some type of case under a see-through cover. Not only does this method of playing Queen of Hearts take up valuable space, but also the cards can become worn out over time, which can negatively affect the integrity of the game.

These 14.25" x 22" Queen of Hearts Prize Boards offer a superior alternative to running Queen of Hearts Games with regular playing cards. Using the Queen of Hearts Prize Boards makes the game easier to operate and more fair to the players.

Each of these sturdy Queen of Hearts Prize Boards contains 54 die-cut windows, each on a numbered, generic card back design. Every one of the 54 windows has a different card from a standard 54 card deck (52 cards plus 2 jokers). Your players open these windows over the course of a game. After the winning player has successfully picked the window containing the Queen of Hearts, simply throw away the board and start a new game.

To prevent any chance of "insider information", the boards contain random card patterns for window tabs. This ensures total fairness for each Queen of Hearts Game. Moreover, our Queen of Hearts Prize Boards are laminated to prevent tampering.

Queens of Hearts Prize Board Pricing (3 board min.):
3 Queen of Hearts Boards $159.00
10 Queen of Hearts Boards (One Case) $475.00

2" x 1" Single Roll Raffle Tickets are Also Available for Conducting Your Game!

These classic, Single Roll Raffle Tickets come in rolls of 2,000 consecutively numbered tickets. The Single Roll Raffle Tickets have a blank center area and numbers on either end of each ticket (see the raffle ticket picture below). Each Raffle Ticket measures two inches long by one inch high.

Our Single Roll Numbered Raffle Tickets are perfect for use in running your Queen of Hearts Game. You can choose from the following Raffle Ticket colors: blue, green, magenta, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow.

Queen of hearts boards

Single Roll Raffle Ticket Pricing
1 Roll of 2,000 Tickets $3.95
40 Rolls of 2,000 Tickers (One Case) $148.00

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