One-Window Seal Cards & Five-Window Seal Cards

You can choose from our wide selection of one-window sealcards and five-window sealcards. We carry seal cards from the major manufacturers - Pick-a-Pecker seal cards, Old Glory seal cards, Club 13 seal cards, and many others. If you are interested in sealcards that you do not see here, please contact us to find out if we carry them.

Seal cards are in stock for immediate shipment. For a FREE 96 page catalog, please contact us at (631)-298-1005. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you order seal cards from us.

Read on to learn more about seal cards and how to make more money or raise funds with these games of chance.

What are Seal Cards and Who Uses Them?

Seal cards are games of chance used for profit making or fund raising. Sealcards incorporate pull tabs with a sign-up card (click here for our pull tabs description). The sign-up card has a seal on it with a grand prize underneath. Some cards have multiple seals for multiple winners. Lucky players will buy tickets that allow them to sign-up for a shot at the grand prize. The grand prize winner in not revealed until the last ticket has been bought. The sign-up card ensures that all your tickets will be sold. Additionally, your sealcard players will want to finish the game quickly to see who the grand prize winner is.

American Legions, VFWs, Bingo Halls, Churches, Schools, Bars, Casinos, and many other Organizations use seal cards to raise funds or to make more money.

How to Make Hundreds of Dollars in Profit with One Seal Card Game

It's easy to make profits or raise funds with seal cards. Your seal cards will arrive in sets or "deals." Each deal is a complete money-making game (deals are factory sealed with a unique serial number, to ensure security). With our seal cards, you will make up to 34.93% profit, depending on the seal card you choose. Your players can win up to hundreds of dollars instantly, so they have a great incentive to buy your seal card tickets!

When you start a game, you open the seal card deal and sell the seal card tickets to players. You generally charge a dollar per ticket, depending on the sealcard game you choose. Players then open the ticket windows and determine whether they have won or can sign-up for a chance at the grand prize.